Quality and Trust

We offer an individual approach and convenient services. Our references confirm the quality of our services. Basic values, such as trust, reliability, and high-quality services, form the basis of everything we do. We offer an individual approach, something our global competitors cannot say. All our work is done at a time that is convenient for our customers. We make sure our clients are wholly satisfied, which has brought us a long list of references.


Trus Reliability High-quality and a broad range of services
The strictest employee oversight system in the Czech Republic Long-term cooperation without complaints The optimal ratio of price to effect
On the market since 1997 100% liability coverage Use of the most modern technologies
References Only vetted employees Substitute handicapped regulations compliance
Constant education of employees Certification We provide our services throughout the Czech Republic


We provide our clients with a proven management system, which ensures high-quality services and maximum added value.

We approach all our work systematically while strictly adhering to all proven processes and systems:


Our process Description
Human resource management system This allows us to retain over the long term the best and most reliable employees for certain contracts.
Project management Ensures the problem-free operation of a project, including dealing with extraordinary and emergency situation.
Complex control system Ensures the precise adherence to contract terms and helps keep the client satisfied with the services provided
Quality control system Certified and proven quality control and environmental management systems.



Human resource management system

At HPF CleanCat, we take great care in selecting, training, continually educating, and overseeing our employees. 

vetted candidates without criminal records,while maintaining acceptable costs and providing advantageous wages and benefit programs, including motivational systems, that result in a stable workforce with low employee churn.

At the beginning of a project, we apply the employee over-saturation method,, where personnel numbers are set very high in comparison with the size of the contract. Besides better services at the very beginning of the contract, our clients also are assured that the project will be manned by those employees that prove themselves the best over the long term.

Besides the entry training, our employees regularly receive continuing education on the newest cleaning technologies in order to continually improve the level of services we provide. The training is provided by experts in chemistry, cleaning, and other related technologies, , which allows us to maintain a high European standard.

The quality of services offered is also supported by a multilevel control system, that monitors not only the operational level, but also the top management.

Project management

At the beginning of a project, we provide detailed training for all employees on all tasks and the client's needs and goals. At the same time, employees are equipped with the newest technologies appropriate for the project. Work is organized according to manuals, which allows for seamless replacement of employees in the case of extraordinary situations, vacations, or illness. This process is then monitored through our multilevel control system.

An inherent part of effective project management is regularly handing over work and documentation of the client's satisfaction, including, reports from meetings with the client, to ensure the project is proceeding smoothly and at the highest level of quality. If this is not the case, reparations are immediately implemented and any defects are removed. In order to facilitate this process, a representative employee is available to the client at all times.

We are prepared to immediately react to any changes.

Multilevel control system

The quality of services provided is constantly monitored using a multilevel control system. Cleaning personnel are checked in real time by shift managers and through daily controls by facility managers, that are prepared to immediately deal with client demands and special situations.

An intrinsic part of the control system are independent, recorded controls by company management through specialists.

Quality control system

No certification or membership in an organization can guarantee high-quality services. Besides the human resource management system, project management, and control system (and the high level of work provided by our personnel to begin with), we also implemented an integrated management system in 2001 in order to guarantee not only a high level of efficiency, but also environmental responsibility.

We have also received a number of certifications and awards.