Employee Management

Employee Management

Our company offers employment to people old and young, with or without higher education. Anyone who desires work is eligible, including handicapped individuals, who we provide with an equal opportunity to enter the workforce and lead a productive life.

We regularly train and educate our employees, and provide the motivation so we can build a stable and highly professional team.

Awarding the best employee of the month with a financial prize, along with naming and awarding an employee of the year, is a intrinsic part of motivating our employees.

We also have a loyalty program, which awards employees that prove to be reliable and hard-working over the long term, with a financial prize for years of service to our company. 

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Membership in the Chamber of Employers of the Handicapped

In July 2012, our company became a member of the Chamber of Employers of the Handicapped, which associates companies from across the Czech Republic that employ handicapped individuals.

Membership brings us better communication, exchange of experiences, and an improved position for negotiating with state authorities. This also allows us to take part in the formation and tweaking of regulations dealing with employing handicapped individuals.

Using this approach, we are able to provide better working conditions for handicapped individuals and find new ways to employ these individuals without them feeling the weight of their handicap.

We also offer substitute handicapped regulations compliance services.