We Welcome an End to Re-Invoicing Substitute Compliance

The Ministry of Labor and Human Affairs issued a directive at the end of last year objecting to the practice of only formal re-invoicing of goods and services to achieve substitute handicapped employment compliance.

This practice warps the original intention of the regulations, which was to support the employment of the handicapped.

HPF CleanCat and its subsidiary ESSAT CZ, which provides substitute compliance through cleaning and other support services, fully supports the ministry's directive and the expected tightening of legal  regulations. This opens the door for companies that actually employ handicapped individuals at the expense of those that only provide formal substitute compliance. This includes ESSAT CZ, where handicapped individuals make up more than 50% of all employees, providing cleaning, security, and other services such as landscaping or other specialized work. In other words, contracting ESSAT CZ actually helps the employment of the handicapped.

Though it may seem strange, this is not always the case, as when substitute compliance is achieved through re-invoicing. According to the current ministry directive, the State Labor Inspection Office will perform inspections focused on these regulations and will issue sanctions for such behavior.

Calculate Your Necessary Substitute Compliance

We've added a new feature to our website, where you can calculate your necessary substitute compliance, and the associated financial costs. To avoid paying the so-called handicapped tax, contact our sales department and order cleaning, security, and other support services from our subsidiary ESSAT CZ.


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