We're Growing!

HPF CleanCat not only fulfilled its planned expansion, but also enlarged its headcount by 40 employees (including its subsidiary ESSAT CZ) year on year. HPF CleanCat's management also plans to add another 50 or so employees over the next three months in connection with new contracts.

We added personnel not only in cleaning services, but also in middle management (heads of operational centers, technicians, accountants). What's more, most of these jobs were created in areas with high unemployment, such as North Bohemia or the Moravian-Silesian Region. More jobs will be added in these areas during April and May as we are the final phases of concluding two new large contracts that will soon take effect.

As part of our planned foreign expansion, we opened a full-fledged Slovak office of our subsidiary ESSAT CZ in Bratislava. Slovak clients will now have the same level of service from the company's management as their Czech counterparts.

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