The Right Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and HPF CleanCat's employees have started cleaning not only at home, but also in industrial facilities and even along railroad tracks. This includes clearing sidewalks, streets, and other areas from gravel and other materials that built up over the winter.

Spring cleaning is one of HPF CleanCat's special services and is performed outside the framework of standard cleaning services. Extra services also include graffiti removal (including applying anti-graffiti paints) or snow removal and complete winter care for your facility.

Besides the interiors of industrial complexes, HPF CleanCat also performs special services for the Ostrava railroad authority; cleaning land along the tracks where for some strange reason people illegally dump all sorts of waste: iron, regular trash, soot, and even hazardous materials. So not only does cleaning these areas make the train ride prettier, but it benefits the environment as well.  

As the cold weather and snow waited until March to arrive this year and extended their stay through Easter, the real season for cleaning has just begun! 

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