Summer Holidays Make the Best Time for Thorough Equipment Cleaning

Summer months usually mean vacations, which for manufacturing companies usually mean factory-wide holidays. However, this does not mean that the factory floor will be empty – quite the contrary. The usual workers are replaced by employees of HPF CleanCat, which specializes in cleaning industrial facilities, and where the summer months mean a hectic period of cleaning a wide range of equipment and machinery.

Although regular equipment cleaning takes place during the course of the year, summer holidays present an ideal opportunity for thorough cleaning of manufacturing lines, casting furnaces, presses, machining centers, painting lines, climate control systems, lighting, and washing the interior and exterior of facilities. These times are also used for extensive cleaning projects such as post construction clean-ups. 

HPF CleanCat provides industrial cleaning services and over the last 17 years has become a leader in providing complex cleaning services for industrial facilities. Its extensive experience and the quality of its employees means it can provide a wide range of regular and one-time package of cleaning and related services depending on its clients' requests; and not just for factories, but also almost any other type of corporate facility. 

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