Substitute Handicapped Regulations Compliance

We can provide you with substitute handicapped regulation compliance

We provide substitute regulatory compliance to companies that because of the type of work offered cannot hire the legally required number of handicapped employees (according to the Employment Law # 435/2004 Collected, this equates to 4% of employees at companies with more than 25 employees, including state companies).

Fulfill your legal requirements and save more than CZK 60,000 for each handicapped individual.

By contracting our most popular services (cleaning, maintenance, and others), you can fulfill your legal obligations and avoid paying the so-called “handicapped tax” that equates to 2.5 times the average wage in the first three quarters of a given year for each of the handicapped employee posts you are required to fill. However, you must contract these services to an organization where more than 50% of employees are handicapped.

We can provide you with substitute compliance through our subsidiary ESSAT CZ, which provides these services.

See the current form of the Employment Law and the requirements for substitute compliance valid since Jan. 1, 2012.

A recommendation

As we provide our services regularly, we recommend ordering services early in the calendar year. The Employment Law valid since 2012 sets limits for substitute compliance that a given company can provide. The limit has been set at 36 times the average wage in a previous calendar year for each handicapped employee. That means we may not be able to provide substitute compliance for a larger company later in the year.

Substitute Compliance Throughout the Czech Republic

We provide substitute compliance services throughout the Czech Republic.

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