HPF CleanCat Wins Cromodora Wheels Contract

In December, HPF CleanCat added Cromodora Wheels, an Italian maker of aluminum passenger car wheels, to its stable of clients from the automotive industry. The contract includes special cleaning services and regular facade washing for HPF CleanCat’s first client at the Mošnov industrial park.

Cromodora Wheels opened its Mošnov facility in 2008 and has significantly expanded both headcount and production since then, turning out high-quality wheels for brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat, Škoda, and Volkswagen. Precision manufacturing demands professional and high-quality cleaning services, which is what HPF CleanCat provides.

The success winning the Cromodora Wheels contract was based on HPF CleanCat’s years of experience providing complex cleaning services in industrial facilities, especially in the automotive sector, where special methods and procedures are needed.

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