HPF CleanCat Uses Dry Ice in Cleaning for Arms Industry

The success HPF CleanCat has had with dry ice blast cleaning in a series of different industrial operations led TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE to select this method for its facilities.

TATRA chose HPF CleanCat  and dry ice cleaning because of the advantages we can provide. Besides its use on various surfaces and effectiveness, it can reach difficult to access spots, requires minimum down-time, and is exceptionally environmentally-friendly. Dry ice blasting uses no chemicals or solvents and doesn’t produce any secondary waste. 

TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE, a new company that produces, modernizes, and services spcialized vehicles, opened its gates at the end of May. Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka attended, as this was the first new arms manufacturing firm in the Czech Republic since 1993, making the country able to produce its own modern wheeled and tracked armed vehicles. This makes us at HPF CleanCat even more proud to win the original contract for cleaning various equipment with dry ice blast cleaning.

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