HPF CleanCat to Provide Cleaning Services to the New Continental ČR Plant in Ostrava – Hrabová

After HPF CleanCat signed a deal to provide cleaning services at six Continental facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through its subsidiary ESSAT CZ last year, it will now extend those service to the new Continental development complex in Ostrava – Hrabová.

HPF CleanCat provides the entire range of cleaning and maintenance services for all  Continental facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (except tire production). We provide everything from regular cleaning to landscaping, road maintenance in summer and winter, and waste management. We gradually began implementing our services in October of 2013 in the facilities in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Trutnov, Adršpach, Zvolen, and Brandýs nad Labem.

Providing cleaning services for the new Ostrava – Hrabová will create new jobs, and some of those are planned for handicapped individuals. 

The new Continental facility focuses on the research and development of new automotive products. Therefore, the services we provide here and at all the other complexes are tailored to meet the specifics of the automotive industry, which includes protecting products from static electricity.

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