HPF CleanCat Successfully Expands to Southern Moravia

HPF CleanCat acquired three new clients in southern Moravia around the city of Brno in recent weeks as a result of the company's strategic expansion. Two years ago, HPF CleanCat and its subsidiary ESSAT CZ began expanding in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but it mostly focused on the northern Moravia region.

The contracts call for the supply of complex cleaning services in medium-sized industrial facilities, which is not an accident considering HPF CleanCat's strengths in this area. Besides  regular cleaning services, the company can offer a number of other services, such as cleaning equipment (machining centers, presses, furnaces, etc.), high-altitude cleaning, or specialized cleaning services (grounds-keeping, graffiti removal, etc.)

HPF CleanCat also offers a wide range of complimentary services that customers may take advantage of from time to time, such as floor sanding, or even crystallization or polymerization. The company also removes oils, lubricants, and other operating fluids from floors and equipment, or we can set up health and safety signage. HPF CleanCat can also take care of all outdoor areas as well.

The experience, abilities, and quality that HPF CleanCat provides can best be represented by the fact that the company provides complex cleaning services to more than 200 clients on  daily basis.

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