HPF CleanCat's Cleaning Services Undisturbed by Summer Holidays

The beginning of the summer brings with it the usual time for family holidays, as most employees take time off in July and August. However, these holidays do not mean that the cleaning services provided by HPF CleanCat take time off as well, and we pride ourselves on delivering the same high level of quality year-round.

HPF CleanCat is known for its reliability and the excellent quality of the services it provides; not only during regular operations, but also during extraordinary or emergency situations as well. The reason why we can ensure the quick and effective distribution of resources is thanks to years of implementing, testing, and improving our management systems. 

Managing standard and extraordinary situations, be they entirely unexpected (i.e. illness, unpredictable jobs), or planned (holidays, pre-planned extra-large jobs) depends on a reliable management  system. Besides handling regular tasks and the equipment needed for use, this also includes a detailed labor organization system for a given workplace; with complete manuals and logs that make it possible to substitute for both regular and key employees while keeping the quality of the services provided at the usual high level.

We also implement a system of regularly presenting work that includes proof of the client's satisfaction and reports on customer interactions. Shift and facility managers therefore know each job down to every detail and are very prepared for any unexpected situations.  

Our experience and the mechanisms we have implemented mean that we can assure our clients that none of them will see any lapses in quality this year.

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