HPF CleanCat Provides Cleaning Services for Continental in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In September, HPF CleanCat, through it subsidiary ESSAT CZ, acquired a new contract to provide cleaning services for all Continental facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (except for tire production facilities). The contract includes specialized cleaning services, as well as facility maintenance, landscaping, summer and winter road and path care, waste management, and other activities.

The cleaning services will be provided to Continental Automotive Czech Republic facilities in Central Bohemia, North Bohemia, and the Moravian-Silesian Region. The contract also includes the Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia facility in Zvolen.

Cleaning Began Immediately

The beginning of cleaning work began very quickly. At the beginning of October, work began in the facilities in Frenštátě pod Radhoštěm and Trutnov. The facilities in Adršpach and Zvolen will follow suit at the beginning of the new year, with all the remaining Continental facilities to come after that.

Specific Cleaning Service Conditions

In the case of Continental, we do not provide simple cleaning services. Because of the specifics of the automotive industry, cleaning must protect equipment from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). “All the cleaning work we perform, including all the equipment we use and the various cleaning methods, are under the strict rules of ESD protection so none of the products could be damaged by a discharge of static electricity. As a company that has specialized on industrial cleaning for more than 16 years, we are completely prepared to fully meet all there requirements,” HPF CleanCat Executive Director Jiří Fukala.

Strengthening Our Position in the Czech Republic and Abroad

The contract to provide cleaning services to six Continental facilities means expanding the activities of HPF CleanCat, through ESSAT CZ, in eastern and central Bohemia and Slovakia, which is fully in line with the company's expansion strategy not only within the Czech Republic, but also beyond its boarders.

In the Czech Republic, the Continental facilities produce transport fuel systems, dashboard instruments, climate control panels, radios and navigation systems, brake pistons and brake assistants, sensors, electronic management systems, injectors, pumps, valves, hose systems, heating motors, ventilators, cooling systems, and other products.  In Zvolen, the facility mostly produces hydraulic brake systems.

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