HPF CleanCat Now Provides Thermal Paint Removal in Slovakia

HPF CleanCat began providing thermal paint removal services in Slovakia through its new contract with SPPP Slovakia. The service is very desired in the Czech Republic, where HPF CleanCat's clients include Kovona Český Těšín, VOP Nový Jičín, MSA, and a number of other industrial companies.

The first delivery of this service for SPPP Slovakia, headquartered in Bánovce nad Bebrava, took place in September. As SPPP Slovakia's main business activity is painting plastic components such as external rear-view mirrors for the largest car-makers in the world, thermal paint removal is a service they will use regularly.

Thermal paint removal is a low-cost, but highly effective and environmentally-friendly method of removing any sort of paint, organic film, or dirt (such as powered or wet paint, rubber, oils, etc.) from metal or zinc-treated parts. Thermal paint removal is most often used on various machinery used to form plastic parts and other equipment in paint shops.

This new contract confirms HPF CleanCat's strong position providing more than just cleaning services for automotive companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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