HPF CleanCat Now Offers Cleaning to Food Services

HPF CleanCat has extensive experience with cleaning light industrial facilities, which includes a broad swath of sectors. HPF CleanCat added the food processing industry to its stable in July.

HPF CleanCat acquired wholesale meat company Řeznictví H+H to its list of clients. The food industry has the highest and strictest standards. That means a whole range of specific regulations and procedures for cleaning services, but these present no problem for HPF CleanCat’s experienced employees. Besides normal cleaning services that include disinfection, HPF CleanCat also provides Řeznictví H+H with specialised services, such as cleaning equipment, operating industrial washers, and window washing.

Řeznictví H+H stakes its reputation on quality, just like HPF CleanCat. The family-run business has a history that dates back to the 18th century. It focuses on specialized sausages and handcrafted delicacies made without additives. Its customers can choose from a wide range of meat products in the firm’s 27 stores.

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