HPF CleanCat Helps ITT Win New Deal with BMW

HPF CleanCat once again proved the quality of its cleaning services for industrial facilities as its client, ITT, won a new contract with one of the most demanding companies on the market: BMW.

ITT and BMW signed a contract for new production at the beginning of November after a rigorous audit of ITT's facilities. The fact that the entire building and all equipment was spotless had a positive effect on the outcome of the audit. ”I would like to thank all of HPF CleanCat's employees, who significantly helped the audit to be successful,” said ITT Facility Engineer Václav Zdráhala. ITT Plant Manager Dalibor Červený agreed: “We owe a debt of thanks to HPF CleanCat's employees, which they wholeheartedly deserve for the work they did during the audit.

HPF CleanCat has an excellent reputation for providing the best cleaning services for industrial facilities, especially for the automotive industry. The audit at ITT confirmed that high-quality cleaning services are an intrinsic part of the production process at any industrial facility.

ITT Holdings is a successful international company represented in more than 35 countries with a diverse and growing portfolio of customers, which includes the newest cooperation with BMW at the Ostrava facility.

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