HPF CleanCat Expands its Services to Include Dry Ice Blasting

HPF CleanCat now offers its customers a new cleaning method appropriate for a whole series of machinery and equipment: dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting possesses the same advantages as other blasting methods: effectiveness, short down times and environmental friendliness as no chemicals are used in the cleaning process. The method also allows for cleaning tough-to-reach areas that other methods cannot reach while posing no threat to electrical or mechanical parts. The process also does no damage to the cleaned surfaces and is not a conductor of electricity.

Our customers appreciate both the short amount of time needed to complete cleaning as well as the results. Dry ice blasting can be used for a number of cleaning tasks, such as removing paint, oils, biological residue, waste particles, and even dust. Besides metals, dry ice blasting cleans wood and stone; and because no chemicals are used, it can be used not only in industrial facilities, but also in transportation, construction, energy, and even pharmaceutical and food processing.

Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to propel soft particles of frozen carbon dioxide that create little explosions on contact with the cleaned material. These clean away the layers of dirt as the low temperature of the particles (about 79°C) causes the unwanted layers to crack and fall off. The dry ice then sublimates to more than 700 times its original size and rips dirt and other unwanted materials off the cleaned surface.

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