HPF CleanCat Cleans Specilized Care Center

The social services center in Hrabyně recently joined HPF CleanCat’s stable of clients, contracting regular and specialized cleaning services beginning in August. The facility is unique among our clients, as it treats patients with limited mobility.

Thankfully, the majority of people don’t encounter words like paraplegic or quadriplegic on a regular basis. However, the staff at Hrabyně social services center runs into these situations everyday. It’s one of eight facilities of its kind in the Czech Republic that focuses on people with serious physical handicaps and helps them with everyday tasks; like cleaning, feeding, and dressing themselves, or helping them in and out of their wheelchair. Oftentimes, the centre becomes a new home for its clients.

The facility is comprised of a number of buildings that include gyms, rehabilitation facilities, and three nurses stations. Since the beginning of August, HPF CleanCat has ensured the complex is as clean as any healthcare facility needs to be, providing complex services that range from disinfection, window washing, and carpet cleaning.

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