HPF CleanCat Adds Two New Clients: Bontaz Centre and Unigeo

HPF CleanCat continues to strengthen its position as a major player among cleaning and complimentary service companies. As of July 1, the group added two new clients: Bontaz Centre outside of Prague; and Unigeo in Ostrava – Hrabová.

Bontaz Centre produces components for the automobile industry, including injectors and ventilation valves. HPF CleanCat, through its subsidiary ESSAT CZ, will provide complete cleaning services for the factory floor, office spaces, locker rooms, and other areas. The range of services provided includes regular cleaning with bi-annual window washing, all waste handling, and cutting and maintaining all green areas in the compound. All work provided for  Bontaz Centre is provided as substitute regulatory compliance.

HPF CleanCat  will now also provide regular cleaning services for all office space, locker rooms, labs, and other areas for Unigeo, which offers a wide range of services in mining, geology, extraction,, construction, drilling, and laboratory services. Bi-annual window washing is also included in the contract.

These new additions to HPF CleanCat's portfolio of clients confirms that its plan for aggressive expansion in Northern Moravia and other regions of the Czech Republic announced a year ago was the right path for the company. 

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