HPF CleanCat Adds Furniture Maker Potrusil in South Moravia to its List of Clients

HPF CleanCat expanded its cleaning service footprint in South Moravia when it won the contract from family owned Potrusil. Besides the usual services for light industry, the deal also includes carpet and window cleaning.

HPF CleanCat’s services a growing client base across the Czech Republic, now adding Potrusil from South Moravia. Our years of experience providing the highest quality cleaning services made HPF CleanCat the favorite to provide complex cleaning services to the furniture maker.

Potrusil is a family-owned firm that prides itself on its quality and tradition. Its products include kitchen and office furniture treated with PUR to protect edges and prevent water damage. The firm has earned certificates of quality and environmental-friendliness. Therefore, cleaning services will have to observe the tightest norms for environmental protection.

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