ESSAT CZ to Provide Cleaning and Security Services for Ondřejovická strojírna

At the beginning of December, ESSAT CZ, a subsidiary of HPF CleanCat, signed a new contract to provide cleaning and security services for Ondřejovická strojírna, a maker of pressure tanks and other equipment. This includes cleaning offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, shop floors, paint shops, storage, and other areas totaling more than 5,200m2. Security services cover the entire complex, which covers more than 60,000m2.

Located near the town of Zlaté Hory on the Polish border, Ondřejovická strojírna specializes in producing custom pressure equipment according to Czech and international standards, including pressurized tanks, pumps, and columns. 

ESSAT CZ's success in the case of the Ondřejovická strojírna contract was not an accident  considering its long-term focus on providing high-quality cleaning and other complimentary services for light and heavy industry, including security services of industrial complexes. 

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