ESSAT CZ Increases its Substitute Compliance Volume by 30%

Thanks to last year's headcount increase, ESSAT CZ, a subsidiary of HPF CleanCat, increased its substitute handicapped employment compliance limit and can now provide its current and new clients with substitute compliance worth up to 75 million CZK; about 30% more than in 2015.

Substitute compliance is an effective way for various companies that, for whatever reason, cannot employ the prescribed amount of handicapped individuals to fulfill their legal obligations by ordering services that they need and contract anyway. ESSAT CZ provides cleaning, security, and facility services such as property management.

ESSAT CZ can provide compliance because more than half its employees are handicapped, and the increase in the limit of the services it can provide comes as a result of hiring more handicapped individuals last year; individuals that usually have a hard time finding work on the job market.

ESSAT CZ's newly acquired capacity for substitute compliance should not be taken for granted, however. As cleaning and other support services are not a one-time purchase, but part of a contract, it would be best to start them now in the spring.

If you don't know how much substitute compliance your company needs, use our calculator, which will give you a clear answer.

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