Dry Ice Blasting Proves Effective

HPF CleanCat has successfully used dry ice blasting at the Elektromotory Frenštát facility owned by Siemens ČR. This included the first-ever cleaning of the TCS III injection press.

The press compresses metal rotors and injects molten aluminum into the grooves to fuse the pieces of metal in the body of the rotor. This results in gunk being left behind in the press, which could include anything from pieces of aluminum to oils and dirt. 

Dry ice blasting in this case brings a number of advantages: exceptional effectiveness even in hard-to-reach places; conservation of the materials being cleaned (no risk of damage to electrical or mechanical elements); and environmental friendliness as no chemicals or solvents are used. The time the equipment needs to be offline is also shorter.

In the case of the TCS III, the surface of the press was also treated with special chemicals to keep dirt and aluminum from accumulating on the press.

The customer's satisfaction will determine the more extensive use of dry ice blasting to clean other presses and similar equipment at Elektromotory Frenštát.

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