Complimentary services



  • Removal of oils, dust, and lubricants 

Using rotating-brush machine cleaning, cleaning robots, or other appropriate technologies 
  • Sanding of marble, terrazzo and other services 

We propose the best option according to the given situation

  • Floor crystallization

“Polishing” of artificial or natural stone surfaces using rotating brush technologies
  • Polymerizing floors

Applying several coats of protective polymers that protect artificial or natural floor coverings against wear and dirt
  • Removing rubber skid marks

Rotating brush cleaning machines combined with high-quality chemical cleaning
  • Applying anti-slip floor coatings 

According to the needs of the client
  • Safety signage

Labeling shelving systems, marking roads, hydrants, columns, and applying all signage, including removal of all old signage 
  • Hygienic needs and cleaning zones

Complex services, including delivering hygienic needs, dispensers, cleaning zones, and all supplies, as well as proposing where to store them and performing regular maintenance and replacement (including the option to rent) 
  • Limescale removal

From faucets and sinks, grouting, showers, and toilets using highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly chemicals

Other specialized services


  • Construction work

  • Simple construction projects (dry-walling, tiling), alterations, and demolition work
  • Painting, including anti-fungal coatings
  • Floor renovation
  • Desisinfection and extermination services

  • Proposing a complete disinfection plan and subsequent cleaning including providing disinfection materials
  • Proposing and realizing a complete extermination plan, including insect removal, setting traps, chemical sprays, marking areas, and providing records of the work performed
  • Landscaping

  • Regular grass cutting and lawn care, hedging, tree care, removal of all fallen debris, and other services as needed
  • Paint stripping from metal surfaces

  • Complete services, including washing and transportation

     - more about paint removal -

  • Painting area maintenance 

  • Removal of paints from the the painting area; applying protective coatings; replacing filtration systems; cleaning grills, curtains, and floors; and applying protective floor coverings 
  • Housing services

  • Lodging house for employees, students, tourists, or other individuals in our lodging house in Bohumín at very competitive prices

     - more about the Bohumín lodging house -

  • Services for hotels 

  • Housekeeping services, help in the kitchen, or other related services
  • Cleaning solar panels 

  • Using de-mineralized water and a electrically self-sufficient mobile cleaning units
  • Chemical-free cleaning to avoid damaging the panels, the “attachment” of dirt, or any contamination of the surrounding environment
  • And other services according to the client's needs...


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