Cleaning Using the Most Modern Technologies

The use of appropriate and modern cleaning machines, technologies, and equipment certainly affects the quality of the services provided. In order to provide the best possible services, HPF CleanCat regularly updates its equipment to ensure that we remain among the best in our field, which is why we purchased top-notch Fimap ride-on and hand-operated cleaning machines.

Modern cleaning machines make life better not only for our customers, but also our employees. Both can appreciate the lower noise levels of the Mg line, which emit only 64 dB (A), far less than most household vacuum cleaners that usually exceed 80 dB (A). The operator of the machine will not only benefit from the greater “acoustic comfort,” but also greater safety because they will be able to hear what is going on around them, important when cleaning during operating ours in loud environments such as warehouses.


Another major benefit the machines provide is the significant time saved, which can be as much as 50% thanks to the FimapWaterFlow (FWF) that distributes cleaning product to each brush individually. Along with the ability to set various brush pressures and machines speeds, this eliminates multiple floor cleanings, which decreases the cleaning time and saves product.


The new Mg machines also  consume less energy (up to 30% compared with older models) thanks to the use of a series of innovative elements, including a new generation of power controls for each motor. Battery life has also been extended by as much as 15%.

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